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Revolutionizing Healthcare with Telehealth Services

Discover a new era of healthcare at Internal Vitality Health, LLC, where we're revolutionizing medical care. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to enhance mental health accessibility and medical management nationwide. Through cutting-edge telehealth services, we bring expert healthcare right to your doorstep, touching lives and fostering well-being, one individual at a time.

About Us

Dr. Faith Murray-Taylor, is a highly accomplished doctoral-prepared nurse practitioner. She boasts double board certifications as both a family and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. Graduating from Howard, Seton Hall, Tennessee State, Chamberlain, and Maryville Universities, her expertise spans the healthcare spectrum. Specializing in comprehensive care for patients of all ages, Dr. Faith's compassionate approach extends to minor medical management for chronic illnesses, exemplifying her commitment to holistic healing.

ADHD Certification
Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor